Economy Calming Bundle - 4

Economy Calming Bundle - 4

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Save Money when you buy our Economy Calming Bundles!

Calmer PRO, Oregano Thyme Calmer Bites & an alternative flavour of bites from our calming range help your horse to stay calm and focused without affecting their ability to perform. Ideal for horses during excitable or stressful situations such as competitions, separation anxiety, loading, travelling, hacking, farrier, dentist visits and to help excitable horses settle during turnout.

Highly Palatable, Competition safe and Economical are just a few good reasons to choose from one of our Calming Bundles. 

Economy Calming Bundle - 1 includes:

  • 30 Scoop Calmer PRO™  -  *One month’s supply
  • 10 Oregano & Thyme Calmer Bites™ 
  • Calmer Bites™ - Trial Pack in alternative flavour (original, cool mint or Ginger)

Reduce plastic waste: As a company we are striving to reduce plastic waste.

We use Eco Bags as our packaging for the economy bundles, offering a recyclable solution for our packaging.

Storage tins are now available to buy and comfortably fit two 60 scoop bags of Equine Exceed supplements in.

Feeding Guidelines:      1 serving = 18g 

 * based on feeding a 500kg horse

For feeding guidelines and ingredients please refer to individual products Calmer PRO™, Calmer Bites™ & Cool Bites™

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