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UVE PRO™ Formulated for horses and ponies suffering with symptoms related to eye conditions. The active ingredients include Eyebright, Vitamin A & Echinacea combining to make this an effective, natural supplement.

Vitamin A supports functioning of the conjunctival membranes and cornea

Eyebright helps to reduce inflammation of mucus membranes in the eyes

Echinacea to enhance your horse's immune support.


Eyebright, Vitamin A, Echinacea, Vitamin E, Turmeric, L-Arginine base, Aloe Vera, Chilli, Vitamin B12.

Analytical Constituents:

Oil 15.83%, Sugar 16.80%, Starch 27.40%,  Fibre 4.50%, Protein 24.40%, Sodium 0.13%, Ash 5.50%

Not Competition Safe due to the inclusion of Chilli. 


Feeding Guidelines


Under 500kg           ¾ -1  scoop per day 

500 Kg – 600 kg     1 ½ - 1 & 1 ¾ scoop per day 

600kg +                   2 scoops per day 


First 3 - 5 days feed twice daily

How much do I need for a month's supply?

Under 500kg – 30 scoops

500kg– 550kg – 45 scoops (30 + 15 scoop)

550kg+ - 60 scoops

Mix with feed

1 serving = 18g (35ml Scoop)

We are happy to advise you on the best way to use them, based on what you want to achieve from this product.


Need a Larger Quantity?  

240 scoops, 480 scoops & 600 scoops are still available. Contact us on 01184 676715 or email us on to place an order. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Heather Martin
The only product which has worked

My Irish Draught has had continual eye problems since I bought him 6 years ago. One eye was always runny, regardless of the season, and my vet carried out numerous flushings, and then a biopsy to establish a likely cause. Ive tried drops, ointments, washes, you name it. To no avail. I started using UVE Pro 8 months ago, and within 6 weeks, the running had gone. I continue to use this natural based product on a low dose to maintain eye health, and I am truly delighted, as is Miller!

Deanna Pitacco
Absolutely fantastic!!

Bought my horse in very poor condition. When he arrived the vet told me " you wouldn't want a horse like this gifted to you." She said he would cost me a fortune in vets bills. She also said he was blind in one eye. I felt like I had been done in by the seller.😪
I scoured the internet and came across this product, so I bought it and hoped for the best.
2 days later I received a call from Debbie at Equine Exceed. She was so knowledgeable and told me about gastro product that they produce. She reassured me that she would help me step by step and we will work together to get him right.
I tried both products as she told me too.
I cannot tell you how much it has transformed him. His skin, coat, eyes pain levels......absolutely everything.
I would recommend this product and company to every horse owner.
The calming cookies are fabulous too !! Thank you so much Debbie and Equine Exceed for giving me and my horse a new lease on life. 😍😍😍😍

Rossana Martin
Wouldn't be without it now!

I love Larry's UVE product. I Have been using it for two years and have not looked back. He nearly lost his eye through uveitis, but now no more attacks! I will be using it for all his life.

Teresa Giddings
Amazing Product

My pony Charlie nearly lost his eye due to a foreign body in it and needed urgent veterinary surgery/treatment to save his eye, fortunately he was a lucky boy. Thereafter, he had to have steroid drops 3 x per day. I wanted to get him off the steroids longer term and spoke with Debbie at Equine Exceed who said to try this natural eye maintenance product, well it has been amazing! Charlie no longer has steroid drops and just a very small dose now of the UVE Pro to keep his eye healthy. I can honestly say, that this product has been wonderful for my pony and I really recommend you try it. Teresa