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Garlic - 1kg
Garlic - 1kg

Garlic - 1kg

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Pure Garlic powder

With it's antibacterial properties, Garlic aids the respiratory system, acts as a natural fly repellent and maintains beneficial gut flora.

Ingredients & Additives: Garlic Powder

Analytics: Crude oils & fats 1.16%, total sugar 50.99%, Starch 0.5%, Fibre 5.1%, Crude Protein 15.9%, Sodium 0.06%, Crude ash 3.9%

Garlic is a complementary feeding stuff for horses 


Garlic Powder

Feeding Guidelines


Under 500kg          1 scoop per day

Over 500 Kg           1 1/2 scoop per day  


1 scoop = 20g (40ml scoop)