Economy Calming Bundle - 1
Economy Calming Bundle - 1
Economy Calming Bundle - 1
Economy Calming Bundle - 1

Economy Calming Bundle - 1

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Save Money when you buy our Economy Calming Bundles!

A daily Calming supplement and treats for your horse. Calmer PRO™ , Calmer Bites™  and Cool Bites™  are made with Natural ingredients including tasty Peppermint Leaf using the natural mood stabiliser L-Tyrosine helping your horse to stay calm and focused without affecting their ability to perform.  

Highly Palatable, Competition safe and Economical are just a few good reasons to choose from one of our Calming Bundles. 

Economy Calming Bundle - 1 includes:

  • 30 Scoop Calmer PRO™  -  *One month’s supply
  • 10 Calmer Bites™ 
  • Cool Bites™ - Trial Pack

Reduce plastic waste: As a company we are striving to reduce plastic waste.

Choosing Eco Bags as your packaging offers a solution to this in the form of recyclable bags.

Storage tins are now available to buy and comfortably fit two 60 scoop bags of Equine Exceed supplements in.

Feeding Guidelines:      1 serving = 18g 

 * based on feeding a 500kg horse

For feeding guidelines and ingredients please refer to individual products Calmer PRO™, Calmer Bites™ & Cool Bites™

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