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Cool Bites™
Cool Bites™

Cool Bites™

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Cool Bites are calming treats to help your horse to stay calm and relaxed without compromising performance. Ideal for horses during excitable or stressful situations such as competitions, separation anxiety, loading, travelling, hacking, farrier, dentist visits and to help excitable horses settle during turnout.

The active ‘calming’ ingredient is L-Tyrosine. Considered a natural mood stabiliser, L-Tyrosine helps the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that has important functions including helping towards the physiological regulation of stress.

How many do I feed?

All horses & ponies are different! Some are more anxious than others and may need two bites at a time. It really is down to the individual. Over time, our customers have found they need to use them less as the horse gains confidence and settles more quickly.

Competition Safe

Conforming with the FEI Prohibited Substance List, Cool Bites are a handy treat size bite making them a great addition to the lorry for show days. They can be combined with our daily calming powder Calmer PRO for those who need it.


Molasses, Soya Flour NGMO, Flax Seed, Cinnamon, Garlic, 


L-Tyrosine (3c401), Vitamin E (Natural dl-a-Tocopheryl Acetate 700iu), Natural Peppermint Flavouring.

Analytical Constituents Per Bite: Oil 14.2%, Sugar 19.87%, Starch 2.3%,  Fibre 2.3%, Protein 21.7%, Sodium 0.03%, Ash 3.9%

Competition safe and suitable for long term use.  Conforms with FEI Prohibited Substances List.

Complimentary feeding stuffs for horses


Feeding Guidelines

Feed one or two Cool Bites ™ 30-45 minutes before you need the desired effect.

Lasts 3-4 hours and can be topped up every 3 hours.

For best results feed for 2-3 consecutive days to build up the Serotonin levels.

Up to 4 Cool Bites™ can be given in a day.

Every horse is different and will metabolise at different rates as well as having pre-existing levels of serotonin. Some horses may benefit from 1 Cool Bite the night before an event, 1 again in the morning and 1 approximately 45 mins before.  Some horses may benefit from more than one at a time.


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Debbie Harris
These certainly take the edge off

I use the cool bites on my Highland. He finds indoor arena trec a little too exciting for my liking, and these certainly take the edge off. He is usually in the ribbons every time out. The one occasion when I didn't use them, we had full on Highland fling, scored a lot of zeros and were unplaced. I also used them when he hadn't been ridden for 2 weeks due to the weather, and they certainly made for a less eventful hack after an extended break.
We also use calmer Pro daily on our Section D over the winter months. Unfortunately he wont touch the cool bites. He is so much more chilled this winter.
I highly recommend both these products.

Kerry Watts
Your cool bites work amazing

Calms my youngster down enough to perform well but not look tired on them unlike other Calmers I have tried

She won on the weekend and got best yearling and then went on for reserve champion 🏆

Selena Hughes
I love the calmer products 😊

Cool bites and the calmer Pro have been amazing for my mare. She gets tense. It's made a huge difference.
Thanks equine exceed

Aileen Allan
Cool Bites

I bought these for a gelding who was being slightly problematic with his new field companion, they definitely took the edge off him and allowed him to settle with his new friend without causing chaos .

Works great

I use these calming cookies for a 5 year old Arabian mare when shes getting a bit too excited and they work great, usually in about 20 mins. YMMV of course depending on your horse but for me at least I've not found anything anywhere near as effective. 4/5 as a single eco bag for 1 month of cookies with postage is almost £30 so at that price these cookies need to be good!